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Our Products

Window Screens & Sliding Screen Doors

Our products are manufactured in our fabrication facility using the highest grade materials available. We take great pride in knowing that our screen products are of superior quality and are reasonably priced as well.

Our window screens are constructed using 45 degree mitered corners with metal internal corner inserts, not those flimsy plastic square corners that some companies use. This allows us to build our customers a stronger and more durable screen frame. And, with a choice of screen material options, your screens will be custom made to your individual preferences.

Tired of flimsy home center quality sliding screen doors? Well, our sliding screen doors are really built to last. They are constructed using high strength aluminum extrusions and assembled using metal corner inserts to help maintain rigidity. And, like our window screens our sliding screen doors can be screened with a variety of screening materials.

Our experienced field tech technicians will come to your home and take all of the necessary screen measurements to insure a perfect fit. These measurements will then be turned over to our shop team who will hand make each screen to the exact dimensions and screen with your choice of screen material.

After the screens are completed, we will contact you to arrange an installation date that is convenient for you and your family. We will then come to your home and professionally install each screen product for you. That's right, we come to your home and take all measurements, fabricate and install, all for one low price.

Screen Material Choices

Standard Screen

This is the standard screen material we install in our sliding screen doors and window screens. It is a tough, durable heavy-duty fiberglass screen that will not rust, corrode or shrink. This sturdy material will not dent or bend out of shape and will remain attractive for years.  It is available in an attractive charcoal or gray color.
Micro Insect Screen

Our micro insect screening material is very popular anywhere you find super small insects and gnats, commonly referred to as "No-See-Ums". This screen is often used around lakefront and homes situated near ponds where these smaller insects dwell. The vinyl coated weave on this material is denser than most screen, but it still allows adequate ventilation and light penetration. It is available in an attractive charcoal color.
Pet Screen

If you are looking for a super strong screening material that resists tearing from dogs and cats, this is it. This screen is the perfect solution to screens being damaged by household pets. Its ultra strong vinyl coated polyester construction is stronger than regular fiberglass screen but still allows excellent outward visibility. It is available in an attractive black color.
Solar Screen

This is our solar screening material that we install as an option to our standard screening material. It is constructed of a strong vinyl-coated polyester. Its unique design blocks up to 80% of the sun's heat, thus reducing fading of carpeting, drapes and furniture that may be near the door.

This material is also UV protected as well as being mildew and fade resistant. Another added benefit of this screen material is that it is also pet- resistant too. It is available in an attractive black color. Please note that this is a VERY dark screen material.

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