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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: "What makes your window screens and sliding screen doors better than the competition?"

A: "Many of our competitors job out their screen work to other screen companies. Not so with us, we fabricate our own screens in       our own Tampa facility. This enables us to have a higher control over the quality of our screens and to deliver a better product to
      our customers."

Q: "Can I just drop off my old screen frames or phone in the measurements to your shop?"
A: "We prefer to come directly to a customer's home and and take all the necessary measurements ourselves. This also enables       us to show you additional screen material options for your new screens."
Q: "How long will my new screens take to make?"
A: "Depending on our work load, you will have your new screens within 5-7 business days."
Q: "What form of payment do you accept?"
A: "Currently we accept checks or cash as payment."
Q: "After you make my screens will I have to install them myself?"
A: "No. You don't have to lift a finger, we do it all from start to finish. We measure, fabricate and install for one low price."
Q: "Do you do repair work on screened in porches, lanais or pool enclosures?"
A: "No. We custom fabricate window screens and sliding screen doors only. We take great pride in that we do one thing only and      we do it well."
If you have any other questions, we would be more than happy to answer them.

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